Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sweetest Words! (Kim)

I received the sweetest phone call a couple of days ago, I wasn't home so it was left as a message, but still sweeter than ever.

In a past post I talked about having to let two little boys go because of my surgery and they had to move from our home to  a respite home (which is a home that cares for them short term until they can return back to original foster home) to a different foster home.  It was awful to watch these boys be moved around. My biggest goal in being a foster parent has always been to make sure we were committed 100%, I didn't want them to be moved around because of us. They have already been through enough they don't need to  go through anymore.  Well this time it was out of my control, because of my recovery I physically could not take care of them.  So with heavy hearts we talked with the boys and explained the best we could what was going to happen.  They were moved to a great foster home and we have been able to stay in contact with them, but it still has impacted them!

Anyway back to the phone call. The foster mom called me and said she was talking to *Peter and he said " I want to go back home to my family." She then asked him "Who is your family Peter?" He said " You know the one with Zach and Chase." She went to the computer and pulled up my blog and showed him a picture of us and he said " yes, that is My family!"
Wow, I was so touched and crying! I called the foster mom back and thanked her for sharing. I then got to talk to Peter on the phone and he said "Mom where are you?" I told him I was at home and he said " Mom I told *Sara I want to come back home to you!"
Lets just say it was a very emotional day for me, and I'm sure for Peter too!

We are not sure what is going to happen, but it is a possibility that the boys may come back home to us. We will keep you updated as things progress. Sitting around the table to eat has not been the same since they have been gone, there is a definite void in our family without them!  We just love these boys!