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Melissa's Foster Care Story

     We started foster care with a 1 year old, 3 year old and a 4 year old biological children in 2001.  I have
an associates degree in social work from BYU-Idaho.  Basically that means nothing,
but I do have a desire to help care for kids.  I did an internship in Chicago and 
worked with inner-city youth and also did an internship at a youth detention center.  
I really like to help.  So, a friend in my neighborhood asked to borrow my one-year-old 
to see if she could handle one more at dinner time.  She was just starting into shelter care, 
so we just jumped right in and took the classes with her.  We didn't have any
intention of adopting, we just wanted to help kids. The shelter we worked with 
was The Christmas Box House.  CBH was nice because we didn't have to 
see them go back to their same old yucky homes.  We got to take them until they 
could find a grandma or grandpa or figure out what foster family/adopt was right, and 
that was really nice.  

     Over the years, many kids came through our home - 82 to be exact!   Some days
as the Christmas Box House came to pick up 3, they would drop off 3.  There 
were many we could have adopted or wanted to adopt, but it wasn't the time 
or it didn't work out.  During this same time, we also added 3 more kids of our own.   
After our 6th year with the Christmas Box House, the state decided to stop with the 
shelter homes program and just do foster/adopt. 
     We took in a few more placements and then we adopted our 3 sweet babies, so we 
haven't done anything with our licence for a while.  Twin 2 year olds are a bit of a handful! 
I hope this blog shares the "good news" of fostering and adopting and helps many
capable people feel comfortable with opening their hearts and homes to these 
beautiful children.   

Kim's Foster Care Story

We started doing foster care about 12 years ago, and truthfully never imagined where this journey would lead us!  We have always had a great love for children, and when we started in foster care we already had three little girls of our own; a 4 year old and twins that were only 2.  I know you might think to yourself, "they are crazy!", and believe me I would have to agree with you!!!  But we have found that we love being crazy.  I was lucky enough to find an amazing friend to go through this journey with me throughout the years.  Melissa and I started into foster care at the same time, and have stuck together through the ups and downs of it all!  I have loved being a foster mom.  Is it always easy?  NOPE!  But it is so WORTH IT!  I am excited to get this blog going with Melissa and am hoping that through our stories and those of others, it might help people to learn more about foster care and find out that it's not so scary.  These beautiful children are not bad or contagious or out to hurt you or break your heart - (remember they have as much, if not more to lose than you do).  They are just ordinary kids that haven't had the care or protection "ordinary" kids get, and they really need someone to help them find something better!  Guess what - that someone is You and Me!

Amazing Race

On a crazy note, we did try out for The Amazing Race.  Well, technically we sent in a video and they never contacted us. 

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