Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Here's another story.

I just thought of another story I would love to tell.  So, a few years back (by a few, I mean 10) we took a placement of 3 kids.  The oldest was 9, then a 3 year old, and youngest was a 4 month old baby.  The first morning, I was feeding the baby a bottle when the 9 year old came in and said, "You can go back to bed.  I am up now."  It broke my heart that she was used to being the care giver.  I just let her finish feeding the baby and I went in to start on our breakfast. I didn't make a big deal about it.  

Surprisingly, it didn't take her very long to slip back into her child role.  She was a beautiful girl.  I wish I knew what happened to them.  The day they left, the 3 year old was sick.  It was hard to send a sick sweet child away.  This was when I was doing shelter, so they went to another foster family.  

 It really is amazing how fast kids bond.  I love how much my kids love other kids.  Within the first day, they are usually best friends.  
(My bio son and the baby in matching jammies, how sweet is that?)

Fostering is a beautiful thing.  

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