Friday, August 24, 2012

Melissa's adoption story

We did shelter care through the Christmas Box House for 6 years.  Then we did foster care for 4 more years.  We were getting burned out and tired of loving kids and giving them back, so we decided that we would do 1 more placement.  We were going on a family vacation and had a busy July so I put my name on the foster list early so I didn't have to come home and wait.  I was going to take in 1 child, but there are so many that take 1 or 2 and I am licensed for 3.  So I said I would take 3 to help keep a family together.  I was laying in bed unable to sleep and I thought If there was a foster tree and I could pick any placement off I want to, what would it be?  I choose twin newborn girls and their 2 year old sister.  2 days later, I got a phone call. . .  for twin boys and their 2 year old sister.  Oh my crap.  I was shocked.  It was almost exactly what I had wanted.  I called John, he was game.  Then I called Kim.  I was just worried about my trip and my busy month.  She told me I was stupid for even questioning it.  I had always wanted twins.  How could I say no?  And she said she will help me get through July.  Respite took them when we went on vacation and Kim took them when I couldn't haul them with my family.  
We brought the babies home from the hospital.  Complete with Oxygen and monitors.  What a job waking them up and feeding them.  They were born 3 months early.  After months of court cases and sporadic visits, Bam.  We adopted our little Elizabeth, Jonah and Joshua. I did have to testify in court.  That was a very scary experience.  We have been so happy with our family.  So now we have 9 kids, almost 2 sets of twins.  And we are super happy.  

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