Friday, September 21, 2012

A trip to the dentist. . . (Melissa)

A few years back, we had a sibling set of 3.  Shortly after we told them they had a dentist appointment the next day,  the 7 year old disappeared.  We couldn't find her anywhere.  We searched and searched.  We had the neighbors out searching.  They were searching in our house.  We looked everywhere.  After about 30 minutes I called the Christmas Box House to ask them what to do when I lose a shelter child.  She told me to call the police and have them help us look for her.

So I did.  The dispatch was very nice and helpful.  They sent out an officer.  Right as the officer got to my house, the older girl had ran into the basement screaming, "they called the cops, he's here!!!!!"  The poor 7 year old had squished herself up in a ball under a bunkbed behind some drawers.  When she heard about the police, she was so scared she would get taken away she came out.  She was upset for a while.  Police had taken her parents and she was scared she would have to go to jail.  Poor thing.  We told her she had just scared us, but I felt bad that someone so young would have such a reaction to the police, who are there to protect her.  Anyone else had to get police involved?

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  1. Was she afraid of the dentist or something? Why did she hide?