Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Keeping Bio Parents Involved or Not? (Kim)

This is a huge topic, and you will get a different answer from any one person you ask. Rightfully so I must say, because every situation deserves a different answer.
In our own family we have adopted from three different families and have three completely different situations with each adoption.
Beyonce knows her bio moms name and has pictures of her, she has some of just her and some of them together.  Beyonce doesn't have any contact with her right now but knows that when ever she is ready to meet her we will help her contact her and set that up for her.  As for right now Beyonce has said  she would rather wait until she is older and we told her that is up to her and we support her 100%!
Breanna and Alyssa know who there bio mother is and they have a very open relationship with her. We are good friends with her and her family and enjoy spending time with them.  Breanna and Alyssa will go for overnight visits and just have a great time with her.  We consider her to be a part of our family!
Chase doesn't know who his bio mom is and truthfully neither do I.  I feel bad about this for his sake, but during his foster/ adoption his bio mom was in jail and I never met her.  Thanks to the caseworker I do have a few photo's of her, but other than that the information is very limited.  When Chase is older if he wants to find her I will do my best to help him.  I do think it is important for kids to know who their bio family is, even if they are not apart of their lives.
I would love to hear other ideas or stories on this topic. Please share with us what you think!


  1. As we have not yet had our first placement, all I can share is what I have read so far. From a psychological point of view, being able to identify with birth family's dna history is very important. I can imagine it would be. It is good to understand ones roots (why my hair is of a certain color, why I am short or tall, blond or brunet)
    Also, by at least allowing the children to be aware of birth family, gives them one less thing to wonder about. I LOVE the fact that Beyonce has that kind of information about her bio mom. How cool that you show her that her background is important, and that she knows she can know more about it... if she so chooses :)

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, I love to get feedback from people!