Monday, September 24, 2012

Ambassadors (Melissa)

Last weekend, Kim and I did our first volunteering job with the foster care foundation.  We are ambassadors.  Sounds pretty fancy and important, doesn't it?  It really wasn't hard.  We just had to sit at a booth at a street fair and talk answer questions about foster care. And shhhhhhhh  don't tell anyone, but we didn't wear our official shirts.   The hardest part was how broad peoples questions were.  But it was really great to just get out and promote foster care.  We ended up sitting there for 6 hours.  But I did enjoy it.

I was amazed at the people that would come over to just tell us their experiences.  People that grew up in foster care or took in kids when they were young.   Some experiences were good and some were bad.  There were also people of all ages asking about it and how they can get involved.  It was a great experience.  Until the end.  Sadly, when no one came to pick up the booth stuff, we realized we had to take it all down.   Unfortunately, neither of us had ever taken down a big canopy.  That was pretty hot and tiring, but we did it.  And we made it home.

I am very thankful for this opportunity.  It was a beautiful thing to see how many people have been or want to be touched by foster care.  Even the man that had a booth on ball room dancing (which we have got to get our husband to go try.  Sounded so fun!)  next to ours had adopted a child out of the system.

I am pretty excited to do it again, maybe we will just sign up for 1 time though.  6 hours was super long.  But I signed up to be an Ambassador so I could help without having to take in kids right now.  I am really glad I did.  Anyone else do anything to volunteer?

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