Monday, September 3, 2012

Barry's foster story

Guess what?  We got our first story.  And what an amazing story it is.  Thank you so much for sharing this with us Barry.  

> In 2008 I was a young 20 year old African-American Male in some sort of "crossroads" in my young life . I was working 50 hours a week in a daycare as a teacher something I really wanted to do and I thought I was satisfied but I wasn't for some reason . For weeks I wondered what should I do next ,where do I go from here. Something was missing in my life but what? I wasn't ready to go to on the road to college , I'm doing what I love which was working with children what's next ! ? Then one night I flopped on to the edge of my bed and there was this AD that said "Become a Foster Parent and Change a Life". It was like everything made since to me again ! As much as I love working with kids, I enjoy taking care of kids even MORE! 

> At this point after seeing the AD I started to dout myself wondering if these workers would take me seriously . I was now terrified to call . Why? Maybe because I was young with a 1 bedroom apt and only 2yrs before I had just graduated high school . You ever heard the saying "God works in Mysterious Ways" ? Around this time of myself being scared to call the agency I went to a good friend of mines ,who also use to be my elementary school art teacher, and where were talking about my future and what I wanted to do . I told her I wanted to become a foster parent but I need another bedroom . After I had left her house the next day she calls me and leaves a message , she says " I don't know why I didn't mention it last but I have the perfect place I can rent to you at a dirt cheap price to help you out !" I was stunned ! 

> Now that I had my place it was time to make the call I was terrified of making . I got an interview with the Director of the agency . At first glance she looked really intimidating , but as I sat down and we began to talk she was an awesome person to talk to , I loved her spirit . She asked me to tell her about myself , and more like where do I begin ! :) Do I begin to tell how I was a neglected child ,should I tell how my sisters ended up in foster care ,how I almost ended up in foster care ,how my mother and father were addicted to drugs, how my grandmother raised me from age 5 ,or how I had just planned the funeral of my father at age 19 with very little help ? At the end she asked me two questions. 1 ) How did you hear about my agency ? I told her I had saw the AD in a newspaper she replied and said that's funny I never put a AD in that paper and we both were like WOW that's God! 2) Why do I want to be a foster Parent ? I know the feeling , I've been hurt by a broken family not knowing what's next , I can related to these childern on so many levels and to prove to them that there is hope and success at the end of the tunnel . I want to change lives. She then told me ,"Normally I would say you are too young to do this but I believe in you and love your spirit and I know I'm gonna have to fight with my bosses to approve you BUT I'm willing to do that for you . And from that day a GREAT friendship began , we talk all the time take trips and have a great time " YES ! In just I few months I had a foster care liscense . ! 

> It was close to a year until I welcome my first foster child and it was on his birthday ! He was a piece of work . Soon he left do to a few conflicts . Then a month later I got another child .... But that's another awesome story :) 

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