Monday, October 15, 2012

Let's talk Hair Care!!

Okay, so being Caucasian and having adopted four little African American mixed children makes for having some hair issues!  lol  But I wanted to share with you all a website that I came across www.Chocolate HairVanilla  Oh my heck they are the BEST!  I am loving this website, but beware, it is as addicting as pinterest!  I am learning so many things and trying new things for my girls and it is so great!
The best thing about this website is they focus on more than just hair.  I would really recommend checking it out if you are struggling with hair care or other issues.  They also have a facebook page you can follow...Chocolate Hair/ Vanilla Care, and a lot of people are discussing and giving feed back it really is great!
As I learn more, I will add things to our blog but for now it is 2 AM and I am tired! I will get back to you all later.
Good night!

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