Monday, September 24, 2012

Another story from Barry, Yeah!!!

The Photo
When my son first arrived as a foster child at my house he was 7 , and a few things didn't sit well with me . He brought very little personal items with him , the clothes he brought were two sizes TOO big and few this were too small. The only items I would consider very personal were two stuffed animals and a very important Photo . It was a photo of him and his mom . The photo was on regualr print paper in black and white and he looked SO HAPPY! I asked if that was his mother he said "Yea , I haven't seen her in a while ". I asked why the photo wasn't in his LIFEBOOK he said "What's a LIFEBOOK?". As I unpacked his things I found the book .... He had been in foster Care a year and there was not ONE thing in the book ! I was shocked , in my state all kids receive a life book when they enter foster care and foster parents are supposed to help the child work on them to perserve some sort of stablity and memory for the child . I slide the photo into the book . A few weeks later I go into his room to straighten up . I see the Photo on the side of the bed bald up so I take it and scan it to my computer the put it back where he had it .  A year goes by and one night my son and I are talking about his family and what he remembers. I like to do that sometimes to get the feelings out that he may be feeling at times . But this conversation was ALL about his mother he talked about the goodtimes they had , what they use to do , he wondered if she was thinking about him , even if she was still alive . But when he said "But sometimes Dad I can't remember what she looks like . ". He his face looked SO sad his mood changed and he started to mope around. To myself I said " O NO!". I remembered I had scaned the photo ! I went to the computer and printed it off I put it in a frame . I then took it in his room to him I said " I know you are feeling a little sad so brought this to cheer you up " I turn the picture around the look of peace on his face was priceless . He said " DAD!!! Its my mom ! How did you get this picture! ?". I said " You brought it with don't you remember ? ". He said "No". He looked at the picture and said " Dad you remember when you told me about tears of joy ?". I said "yes". He replied " I know what they are now , its ok I'm not crying because I'm sad if you are wondering , I'm happy . 

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