Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Baby *Mikey (Kim)

Baby *Mikey came to our house after getting released from Primary Children's Hospital. Mikey was three months old and had several broken bones, he had bruises all over his little body and bite marks all over his back.  When he came to our house he had his arm in a sling and was still in some pain, but that little baby smiled the biggest smiles you have ever seen.  Now for a baby to have been abused like this you would think that he must have been a baby that cried non stop, nope!  Baby Mikey never cried.  He was so content to just lay in his chair and look around, but man when you would talk to him his eyes would sparkle and he would smile and I swear to you the whole room would light up.  This baby was something special.  We all loved Mikey so very much and would have given anything to make him apart of our family, but he had other siblings in a different foster home so he ended up being placed with them.  We don't know what ever happened to that sweet baby, but we sure hope everything turned out okay for him.  It was hard to let him go, but we sure were lucky to have been apart of his life if even for a short period of time!

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