Saturday, September 1, 2012


Alyssa's cute comments: (She is only 4)
I would like to share a couple of the cute comments my daughter has recently said to me that really help brighten my days!
We are very open with our children about their adoption stories, and they are aware that they didn't come from my belly. Well the other day out of the blue Alyssa said to me " Mommy I really wish I could have come from your belly!" I just hugged her and told her I wished she could have too, but she was very special and got to come to our family a different way and just because she didn't come from my belly didn't make her any less mine!
This morning we were talking and Alyssa said to me "C* is our biological mom, but we don't call her mom because we don't live with her anymore huh mom." I said " yes that's right Alyssa." Then she got all happy and said, "I am so excited that you are my mommy!" Talk about making my day!! She is always saying the cutest things to me.
We do have hard days, but the sweet comments like this make it all worth it!
I do believe in being open about adoption with your children, and I think the younger the better. It is great to listen to Breanna (5) and Alyssa tell about their story. I don't ever want my children to think that I tried to keep anything from them, so I feel it is better that they know from the beginning. I just start small, and fill in the blanks as they ask. You will know what they are ready to hear because they will ask!

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  1. Oh, I love this! So sweet! I think it is so great how well you communicate with your children! I especially loved the part when you told her she wasn't any less yours just because you didn't give birth to her. What a fantastic mom! :-)